Our Man of Steel

At Metalmen we love all things metal and we were pretty excited to meet a customer who had a passion for a particular kind of metal… steel drums.

whole drum


Steel drums are very common throughout the Caribbean, but not so much in New Zealand. Getting a stand that was just right was proving a little difficult for our drummer.

Delivering a custom made solution meant he was able to set up and move around his drums with ease.

close up attachment method


By creating a simple hook that worked with the existing drum meant that set up only takes seconds, leaving him more time for drumming.


side close up

The sides of the drum stand were made adjustable so that he can set it up perfectly for the height he likes to play at.


bottom attachment


The whole stand is designed to be both sturdy enough to withstand a beating as well as being easy to pack away quickly into a small amount of space. ¬†Our drummer is happy he can now play his steel drums, wherever he likes and we’re happy to help out another customer.