A little adaptability goes a long way


This science lab was looking for tables for their restricted glass house area where they work on plant research, but they kept encountering the same problem. Other companies were only offering tables made at specific sizes and they weren’t suitable for what they needed.

We think adaptability is a good thing. By creating custom made tables we were not only able to fit their required sizes but to give them some other added benefits too.


By creating a custom made work station on wheels we were able to give them a space to work that can easily be moved, giving them much more flexibility.

PFR table (5)sm


And to give more floor space, it is designed to slide in under the main tables when not in use.

PFR table (6)sm

These scientists can be bending over and inoculating hundreds of plants in a day, so we made the work station with an adjustable height feature. By moving it up or down, they can work comfortably no matter their how tall or short they are.

Every work place is different and has different needs, being adaptable means we are best able to give you a solution that is just right for you.